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It's been quite some time, almost a full year. Took me that long to be able to afford a replacement motherboard to get this old PC of mine functional again. I am searching within folders of this old computer to find the recordings of the Audio Upgrade that I've yet to process & upload. Additionally, there will be links to streaming content covering, but not limited to; video games. All of which is only hindered monetarily: the cost of living for the area i live only really makes sense to those who contribute to the tech industry directly. Artists have been called starving, and it's obvious to the residents of Sillicon Valley: life as an endentured servant.


If you have stumbled upon this site, and you can appreciate even the littlest bit of it please consider donating, it would allow me more time to work on creative projects, and pursue new avenues for content such as the Audio Upgrade. Thank You!


(I <3 U)

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 Personal music creations, everything about (the) Audio Upgrade: radio show.

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Regarding gaming & other whatchable content, including information for live performances

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Affiliated content, collaborations and other projects.

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